Different Types Of Dances

Step Up Dance Academy - Different Types Of Dances

From Jazz to Ballet and from Contemporary to Tap, there are different types of Dances. Each type of dance has its own rhythm and style, which is expressed from the movement of the music. There is not one dance which is particularly better than the other, it all comes down to personal preference and taste. From the start, a dancer will begin a journey to discover the various styles of dance. Choosing a type of dance to partake in, can be an overwhelming experience (from all the different options). Take a look at the list Step Up Dance Academy has created for different types of dances.

The Various Styles of Dance

Jazz Dance

Do you want to dance to something upbeat and lively? Well, Jazz dance may be calling you. Dancing to jazz gives you the ability to be a bit more creative and express yourself more vibrantly. This type of dance calls for many quick movements and sudden turns. The random beat of jazz dance can be unpredictable and spontaneous. Dancers who enjoy living in the moment and displaying their personality through dance should highly consider taking jazz.

Contemporary Dance

The modern moves of contemporary dance are a hybrid of ballet and jazz. The music is lyrical and sometimes consists of a euphoric undertone. Having inner strength and strong legwork is key for this type of dance because it’s usually performed barefoot. Jazz allows for creativity, along with a core foundation of structure. Contemporary dance one of the most active types of dance.

The Ballet

We have all heard of and probably seen, the classical movements of the ballet. Ballet is more commonly known as the foundation or backbone of all dance. This type of dance has been the core principle that all other dances refer to. The Ballet is choreographed and designed to tell the audience a story through the art of movement. There are three types of ballet which are practiced: classical, neoclassical and contemporary. Ballet is one of the more intricate forms of dance. This requires dancers to exhibit an extreme amount of dedication and perseverance to master the art of Ballet.

Tap Dance

Click, Click, Tap……, is the familiar sound that echoes through the room as the metal taps from tap shoes hit the wooden floor. Tap is a unique form of dance because of the sound that is created. Constant foot movement and flexible upper body motion bring out the cosmic vibrations radiated throughout a tap dance performance. The rhythmic step by step patterns of tap dance sets it apart from other different types of dance.

Hip Hop

It was the inner streets of Brooklyn where hip hop dance made its first appearance in the world. Hip hop dance evolved from the late 1970s and dominated hip hop culture by the early 1980s. The dance is a mix of freestyle moves, with an urban twist. Freethinkers are the masters of hip hop because this type of dance is linked to the visual cortex of the brain that is responsible for producing creativity (the foundation of hip hop). Full body movement is needed for the quick upbeat pace of hip hop dance. Some of the most dynamic dance moves of all time have originated from hip hop.