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Whether its jazz, modern, tap, or ballet, dance as an after school activity, is one of the best ways for children to discover more about themselves and their own unique capabilities. Children who take dance, benefit from the constant structure, and self-worth it provides in their day to day lives. Many moms begin to notice a positive change in their children when they begin taking dance classes, from becoming more responsible to a sudden streak of independence.

The more self-reliant behavior that occurs within children taking dance, is derived from discipline and the core foundation dance teaches. Christina DeLessio- Sapone, Creative Director of Step Up Dance Academy, strongly believes the benefits of dance can help prepare children for the real world and its difficult challenges. In life, they’re no free lunches, and the same applies to dance; awards are only earned through perseverance, hard work, and dedication

Check Out The 3 Powerful Benefits Of Dance

The True Awakening of Dance

Have you ever noticed the beauty of dance in Swan Lake….? The elegance and grace which is captivated through Swan Lake, displays the true passion and sophistication of dance. Dance is an awakening of the inner spirit in children to showcase their unique talents and individual expression. The concept of dance is abstract and is developed through personality and attitude. When the music plays, the true essence of dance is exposed.

Dance To A New Beginning

“Life is like a dance”, with all the changes and modifications we go through daily, children oftentimes thrive for new challenges to create a new beginning for themselves. Through dance, children learn to elevate themselves to new heights and strive for excellence. The great connections and amazing relationships built through dance, can help propel children into a world they never knew existed.

The Strength Of Dance

The discipline and dedication are the true essence and beauty in dance. The strict atmosphere dance studios project, propels students to be held accountable for themselves and their actions. Providing students with the core foundation and tools needed to succeed, dance class is the catalyst for greatness. With an ample amount of time devoted to dance, children learn new levels of strength, courage, and commitment.