How Dance Increases Your Child’s Wellness

Step Up Dance Academy - How Dance Increases Your Child’s Wellness

Can Dance really increase your wellness? Many people don’t realize the positive impact that dances can have on overall health, wellness, and fitness. Participating in dance, has shown to amplify metabolism, improve nutrition and aid in improved mental clarity. There are numerous different styles of dance which can help increase wellness, from ballet to jazz and let’s not forget hip-hop. Check out Step Up Dance Academy’s list on how dance can help increase your fitness.

The Health Benefits Of Dance

Increased Flexibility

Did you know, that many injuries that happen daily, such as pulled muscles, and sprained ankles can all relate back to a person’s flexibility? Dancing has a positive impact on flexibility and overall mobility. With all the inner stretching and full-body movements, dancers are less prone to obtaining injuries. Increased flexibility has been linked to better health and enhanced coordination. Flexibility also helps with raising energy levels, giving more strength and the ability to master more complicated dance movements.

Building Friendships

Believe it or not, building new and exciting friendships can actually help with overall wellness, especially in children. Dance creates the opportunity to meet new people who share the same interest in dance. There is a major amount of time spent amongst fellow dancers, which helps build connections and long-lasting friendships. There are truly meaningful friendships that are developed by taking dance classes.

Better Mental Clarity

It’s so easy in today’s world for children to become scattered and lose daily focus. One of the simplest ways to help children clear their minds and make them less scattered is through dancing. From modern, tap or jazz, each dance helps keep minds engaged and focused. A pleasant side effect of dancing is happiness, which leads to better moods and increased wellness. Dance has been proven, to significantly improve focus and mental clarity.

Becoming Stronger

Some dancers are the strongest people around. When dancers are holding a pose, they are essentially putting their muscles in a state of atrophy (breaking down the muscle tissue). Atrophy creates new lean muscle, which provides dances with more tone and increased strength. Have you ever noticed that ballet dancers are very lean but also extremely strong? It comes from the constant holding of poses, which helps build stronger and leaner muscle tissue.